The Algarve hills

Although not very high relative to sea level, the mountain is cut in several places by small rivers and streams , making it very rugged and landscapes worthy of a paradise setting .

With a varied and abundant vegetation, we find different species as we pass through the steep roads of the Algarve mountains. Since oaks, strawberry, almond, carob and not forgetting Rosemary and Thyme, aromas that fill the pure mountain air.

Fauna include species that today can not easily see how the otter, the Iberian lynx, wild boar and eagle owl.

Inhabited since the Neolithic, still shows the marks of the passage of various people with their Antas, remains of villages, castles, watermills and windmills.

The Hills habitants, honest, hardworking , early found ways to remove the products of the land they needed for their day to day needs. Products that are now hard to find in its authentic form and are a delight for those who taste it. Honey, cheese, teas, sweets, and unique drinks such as Arbutus brandy are waiting for you!

Also traditional activities like cork extraction, collecting honey and basketry are practiced today on the hills, and few have the opportunity to see it live.

This is the Algarve we want to show you ! The authentic!